Weregoo, Werevamp, and Vamgoo From The Monster Club

In the 1981 movie The Monster Club, made from the book written by Ronald Chetwynd Hayes, Vincent Price’s character Aramus, a vampire, describes several different kinds of monsters never before known in the monster kingdom. To do this he makes reference to a monster’s genealogical chart. He explains there are the three primate monsters: vampires, ghouls, and werewolves, but goes on to say when these primate monsters interbreed with each other, hybrids are formed, then when those hybrids interbreed either with the primate monsters or humans, even more variants are created.

But let’s concentrate on the first three hybrids described in the book The Monster Club: Werevamp, Weregoo, and Vamgoo.


Weregoo, Werevamp, and Vamgoo from the horror movie The Monster Club

I was not good in statistics class, but it seems that even far more hybrids and then hybrids of hybrids are possible in this scenario. Maybe even thousands of monster variants out there walking among us. The scariest part is the more they come to resemble human beings the less able we are to distinguish who is human and who is in fact a monster.

Unlike the primate monsters, whose powers are known to us all, the hybrid monsters have many unusual and unique powers. Maddies yawn, Mocks blow, and Shaddies wink. But Shadmocks only whistle. A whistle. That doesn’t sound too terrifying, but we saw the effects of the only man who had ever seen the results of a Shadmock’s whistle.


THE MONSTER CLUB Starring Vincent Price John Carradince Donald Pleasence (1980) theblackboxclub Simon Ward

That’s all he saw, and yet… and yet…


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