Weregoo, Werevamp, and Vamgoo From The Monster Club

In the 1981 movie The Monster Club, made from the book written by Ronald Chetwynd Hayes, Vincent Price’s character Aramus, a vampire, describes several different kinds of monsters never before known in the monster kingdom. To do this he makes reference to a monster’s genealogical chart. He explains there are the three primate monsters: vampires, ghouls, and werewolves, but goes on to say when these primate monsters interbreed with each other, hybrids are formed, then when those hybrids interbreed either with the primate monsters or humans, even more variants are created.

But let’s concentrate on the first three hybrids described in the book The Monster Club: Werevamp, Weregoo, and Vamgoo.


Weregoo, Werevamp, and Vamgoo from the horror movie The Monster Club

I was not good in statistics class, but it seems that even far more hybrids and then hybrids of hybrids are possible in this scenario. Maybe even thousands of monster variants out there walking among us. The scariest part is the more they come to resemble human beings the less able we are to distinguish who is human and who is in fact a monster.

Unlike the primate monsters, whose powers are known to us all, the hybrid monsters have many unusual and unique powers. Maddies yawn, Mocks blow, and Shaddies wink. But Shadmocks only whistle. A whistle. That doesn’t sound too terrifying, but we saw the effects of the only man who had ever seen the results of a Shadmock’s whistle.


THE MONSTER CLUB Starring Vincent Price John Carradince Donald Pleasence (1980) theblackboxclub Simon Ward

That’s all he saw, and yet… and yet…

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Who Are The Humgoos?

In the Monster Club there is only one Humgoo, and her name is Una. On the Monster’s Genealogical chart Humgoo is spelled Humegoo, but in the movie credits and IMDB it is spelled Humgoo. I mistakenly thought the first 100 or so times I watched the movie that everyone in the village in the third story were Humgoos, when in reality they are ghouls. Only Una, the daughter of the innkeeper, is a Humgoo.

Una the Humgoo from The Monster Club

  Una the Humgoo from The Monster Club

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A Monster’s Genealogical Chart: The Monster Club

Dirty Tricks Squad

If you’ve ever see the movie The Monster Club you’re no doubt aware what a monster’s genealogical chart is, and how it fits into the movie. But if you haven’t, here’s a monster’s genealogical chart.

A monster's genealogical chart from the movie The Monster Club A monster’s genealogical chart from the movie The Monster Club

If you watch the movie, one of my all time favorites, Vincent Price will gladly explain to you the various monster species and how interbreeding of monsters, and sometimes humans, creates a vast array of new monsters with different looks and powers. My favorite is the Shadmock. He only whistles.

This chart was created by artist John Bolton, and I have been trying to buy the original now for five years. I came very close at one point when I contacted Bolton’s wife and assistant, and she told me she had discovered it in the basement months before and sold it to a collector. I…

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Raven Shadmock

Raven Shadmock, the character from R Chetwynd Hayes’ book The Monster Club, is a lonely monster who lives in a castle with centuries of priceless antiquities around him, but no one to talk to except the pigeons. He is a lonely man/monster. The reason Raven Shadmock can never venture out beyond the bounds of his estate is that he has this horrific power. A power so awesome it can disintegrate a human into a small pile of rubble in seconds. In a million years you’ll never guess what this power is. Give up? I’ll tell you. Raven Shadmock possesses one of the most destructive powers in all of monsterdom…

Shadmock's whistle

Shadmock’s whistle


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Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, Giving Head

Before making it big in the mainstream as “Elvira,” Cassandra Peterson from Kansas made something else big as a hitchhiker in this steamy, X-rated photo layout.


See Elvira’s famous wardrobe malfunction

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Welcome To the Monster Club

The Monster Club is one of my favorite movies. Not in the least because I first saw it hosted by Elvira, Mistress of the Dark on Movie Macabre.


This entire blog will be dedicated to the movie The Monster Club. We will examine the careers of director Roy Ward Baker, writer R. Chetwynd Hays, the posters, the graphic novel by John Bolton and Dezz Skin, the movie posters, and the soundtrack.


The Monster Club soundtrack is one of the rarest and sought after soundtracks of all time. I own it.

This will be the only entry ever in this blog and I will set to work when I have the brain capacity available to improve it. Meanwhile… Welcome to the Monster Club.


This artwork for the Humgoo segment was done by comic book artist Dez Skinn.

Scrapings of the frightfulness-omnibus barrel in the Amicus convention. The really popular unpleasantness scholar R Chetwynd-Hayes (Carradine), having gave some blood, is taken along by the appreciative vampire (Price) to his club with the intention that associate-beast-parts might furnish him with material for destiny books. There take after three witlessly standard tales (adjusts from stories by Chetwynd-Hayes), horridly executed and graced not in the least by such illuminators as Pleasence, Magee and Whitman. Stultification is finished by different pop aggregates, apparently employed by the Monster Club to catch the high school market, who are available to present every story with grating squalls.

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